New Adventures!

I started my business back in 1998. I have been trying to find ways to make it full time since 2011 when my son was born! I’m super excited that I just joined up with Steprite Plus!!!

Something y’all need to know about me… I only sell products that are USA made and something I believe in 100%! In the equine industry, you would be shocked out how many products are outsourced to other countries! I want to support companies that have a good family value, work, and are home grown. I love CSI saddle pads! I still support them even though they no longer offer dealerships. With this being said, I have been searching for products to sell that meet my criteria! I found it!

Lynx has been on Steprite Plus for a month now! First thing I noticed was last weekend, he WRAPPED the first barrel! If you follow me, you know that Lynx normally will V’Back the first and wrap second and third. Rarely does he actually bend and flex around first! Well, he did it! 13 years old and he did it! The only thing I did was add Steprite Plus to his diet!

This product is made in the USA, family owned company and WORKS! My first shipment will be in next week! I think you will be pleased with it as much as I am! I am so excited about having a product that will make me happy to promote!

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