New Year…New….

I really don’t care much for the New year, new me phrase! I like me the way I am! Many people think of the new year as an opportunity to change themselves. I do it a little different! I plan to grow! Not change but grow! Whether that be in mind, spirit or body, I shall move forward! I would like to learn more about horses and how they work. In fact, I think I will find some cattle and give sorting a try! I am still going to barrel race! No doubt about that! But I have two cowy geldings that would be a blast to just work some cattle and enjoy learning more about how they work! I used to team pen back in the day! I was pretty darn good at it too! It was something I did to keep my barrel horse from being bored! Splash and Lynx both really love cows! So that is my goal this year. Lets learn something new!

Another thing I am super excited about is Summit! This product has changed my horse and dog management! My vet was shocked at how fluid my horses are moving! My 13 year old red heeler is actually playing with her siblings! She found a new lease on life! She has terrible hip dysplasia! She was beginning to get a little depressed last summer. I started her on Summit and WOW. She is jumping and running around like a pup! My retired gelding, Gabe, is back to giving lessons! He was 100% lame before starting on Summit. Now he is the horse I put the scared kids on to build their confidence! Heck, I even get on him and ride him around. He has also found a new lease on life at age 20! Splash and Lynx are rockin’ out on it as well! Last month they announced the new human product called Pure C4S. I took my loading dose and have taken one of my maintenance doses. My only complaint is that I feel good and too more than what I should, being out of shape and such! One thing I know about this product is that the longer you take it, the better you feel! My horses and dogs are proof of that! I would love for you to try it too! Check it out at www.summitjp.com/resbarrelracing

Watch out world! With my horses feeling like Rockstars on Tour and my body healing, we are going to blow the doors off!!! What doors? Not sure. But we will find doors to open!

My other goal or something I would like to grow….is my Faith. My Faith in the Lord and how he will provide! I think we all are befuddled by the state of our country right now. I have watched in wonder at the world crumbling around us. At the same time, God has blessed my home! I have gained more students! I have grown my company! My husband still has a good job! My son is doing great at his new school! RES is doing good! Then I go outside of my bubble and see all the masks being worn. All of the protests. All of the “madness” and all I can think is…when will this calm down?? In God’s time. That is when. I need to quit questioning HIS time. I need to pray more. I need to spread HIS LOVE more. I need to look at ways I can help MORE. I am not much for cold weather so I will do this from afar for the moment! But soon….soon I will be back out in the world spreading HIS LOVE!

With this post I leave you with one more thing. Stop and count your blessings! Count your loved ones twice!

Life is hard.

Most of you know about my horse Zbar Lynx to Cash aka Lynx. He has been my champion for over 10 years. I raised him. I’m the only one that has ever run him on barrels. On the flip side, he has been giving lessons to my kiddos.

This horse taught me what trust means. How to truly trust in training and how to let it go to enjoy the ride. Never have I ever felt what I felt when running Lynx. I always knew he was going to turn that first barrel no matter how hard he came running! The feeling of flying through the air and just knowing I would enjoy the ride was everything. He was my partner. He always stayed under me in every single situation. It was the best feeling in the world to run him (horse wise) and I am really going to miss it.

Today we went to the vet. He has been “off” on his front right for some time now. Last week he also injured his right hind. We went in around thanksgiving and didn’t find anything new with front right. But the right hind had me worried. Right off the bat, my vet started blocking his front end. One foot at a time. He said whatever went on with the hind leg is fine. But his front had him pulling out the ultrasound. Come to find out, he has a lesion on his right front deep digital flexor tendon. Not a small one either. At age 15, he is now retired. Not much can be done. It’s a large lesion. He also has fluid on the front left in the same area. I have been praying for an answer. A solution. What to do to help him. This was not the answer I expected. He is retired to the point that he can’t give lessons. He can give pony rides. He might be ok for a nice quiet trail ride. But not right now. I think my heart broke in half with this news.

Being told that your heart horse will no longer get to run, lope, workout (he is that crazy workout guy) or really do anything at all is simply devastating. I don’t know how to tell him that he can’t go on the trailer anymore. That I pulled his shoes so he can enjoy the pasture life. I don’t think he is going to take it well at all. My rockstar is now retired. I can get a second opinion. I can put thousands of dollars into a 2% chance of helping this but the outcome is slim to none. I will let him live his happy life knowing that his past was AMAZING.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with myself now. Do I really want to barrel race on another horse? Not really, no. I can’t imagine running anyone but Lynx. 10 plus years is a long time. Whiskey will be broke to ride soon. Do I want to run him on barrels? Honestly, I don’t know. I think I might try sorting. This situation is simply soul crushing for me. So I’m sorry if I come off a little coarse for a bit. I don’t mean it. My heart is standing in a stall asking me why we can’t go for a gallop across the field right now. I’m going to cry. I’m going to be sad. I’m going to go through all the stages of grief. God has his plans. I just wish I knew the outcome.

Worked with my Christmas Pony Today!

We took a few days off. The wind has been wicked and honestly, family times are important! But today, while everyone was napping, I snuck out and caught Whiskey!

We saddled up and even got the bit! Whiskey got a new saddle pad, halter, flag, and girth for Christmas! I also bought something I have never used before…. driving lines. Gasp! To be honest, the idea of working the bit, while behind a young one, is a bit daunting for me. It’s time to break out of my comfort zone!!!

After getting un-tangled and finding my coordination, we did it! We learned left, right, whoa, back and turn all the way around each direction!!!! I really had to put on my thinking cap for this. Using the flag on the off side to encourage him to move away from the flag and toward the bit pressure was simply a mind game for me. Whiskey was like “get it together woman!! What do you want?” But we did it! I was 100% excited! After a lot of this and that, I finally removed the lines and the bit. I put his halter on him (has a long lead rope) and we worked on lounging. This is something that I find easy to teach a horse. Asking them to give to their nose and move their feet in a smaller circle around me using the flag is something I have taught many of kids… I mean horses….

I don’t have many photos of it as holding my phone while asking for things with my hands and body makes it hard to sneak in a photo. Whiskey was easier to move to the right (clockwise) vs the left. Everything else, he is more willing on the left vs right. Maybe I finally got the right side softer? He learned to keep his hip and shoulder engaged while bending at the ribs. He learned that when I say whoa, he is to face then wait for me to ask him to come forward. This kid is pretty darn smart! I’m so used to baby horses that have the attention span of a gnat. Whiskey loves the attention and will keep going as long as I keep it interesting! He is also a little older than the others that I had worked with in the past. Lynx and Goose both came to me as long yearlings. Whiskey will be three in May. I’m starting to see the improvement and see the retention of our sessions!

After our lesson, I decided to put him in the other pasture. He went out with the mare, Gabe, Declan and the mini jenny Evie! Totally different dynamic in that pasture!!! I have four stalls made out of panels for feeding. I had caught the rest of the herd to feed them. Whiskey would be between Declan and the Mare… he was like “NOPE!” I tried to coax him into the stall. Both Declan and Honey would give him a stink eye and he would focus on me… take three steps in then stop. He didn’t get fed tonight. If you can’t go in your stall, you don’t get fed. I’m sure tomorrow he will be more willing!!! He does anything for food! I really can’t blame him. The mare had to put her two cents in as soon as I turned him out. Declan was being weird too. Not all out attacking but also not allowing the butt sniff situation to happen without a squelch! However, I feel that he needs to meet and learn about all the horses on the property. Nothing is more annoying than having to separate horses when tying at the trailers!!! Lynx is the worst! He will pin those ears and do everything he can to assert dominance over his trailer mate. It’s important for Whiskey to learn his place but also to learn their mannerisms!!! Anyhow, Merry Christmas!!!

My Strange Horsey Ways.. A Christmas Story (not really)

For those of you that have been following Whiskey’s story and wonder why I suddenly have a new child, let me tell you a little history!

Back in 1997, I started Rachael’s Equine Services. That was the year I graduated from High School. It all began when some folks hired me to find them two “perfect family horses”. I shopped and shopped. I ended up at Bill Geresh’s place and found them two perfect horses! Since I had to use mileage, long distance phone calls (it was legit back then) and my truck got a whole 7mpg, My fee was 20% plus expenses. I made a little jingle for my pocket and had to file taxes. I also gave riding lessons so it was time to create my business. lucky me, my parents were both well versed in being self employed. Moving forward now…

Tejas Jubilee, my first horse and the only one that was always mine!

TJ was my first horse. My parents gave him to me Christmas of my 8th grade year… 1993? He was my everything! Then, when I was a SR in HS, my dad made me a deal. I could buy a second horse but I had to train it and sell it. The profit minus expenses went back to him. I sold that mare in a little over a year and made profit. I handed it over to my dad and he paid me back with a much needed laptop for school and a little more so I could buy another… and so I did. I bought the crazy grey 4 year old mare. She was a hoot! She was all hell fire!


Suzy and I won some money and what not so my dad ended up buying her from me for a brood mare. Around the same time, I had stumbled upon a mare by the name of Project Hold On and a gelding named Blue Ribbon Ben. Both were off the track quarter horses. I some how made this gal a heck of a deal (for me) for the pair. The mare joined the brood mare band. We also picked up a little Windy Ryon Mare! So that was the start of Z-Equine’s broodmare herd. Ben was another train to sell even though I fell in love with that giant Bay!

Next came babies… we sold the first foal crop. Then we sold the Windy Ryon mare… and sold the second foal crop out of Suzy and PHO. Suzy kept throwing grey babies that had a stinky attitude so we sold her. In Spring of 2001, Roxy was born. A pretty palomino filly out of awesome bloodlines and HUGE. She stayed on as a broodmare as I had just graduated from college and went off to work. Her first foal was Zbar Lynx To Cash.

Zbar Lynx To Cash as a yearling

Lynx wasn’t the best looking colt. I had him up for sale for the going rate of yearlings and he didn’t sell. At this point, I was married and we had 23 acres as well as our own little herd. So I struck a deal and made a trade for our Buckskin mare, MJG Scottish Scoot. Now Lynx is my main man!!! My dad got to add to his broodmare band and all was good!

Roxy’s next foal was several years later and a nice black colt. I had him sold to a friend. We drove to the ranch to pick him up to bring him up here for her. Sadly, God had other plans for my friend. Well, we went ahead and brought the colt home. This would be Perks on the Fly aka Goose.

Goose on top, His dam on bottom

Goose decided he didn’t like barrels so he is off doing something else. I put 7 years into trying to get him to be my wing man. I had to admit that he needed a different job. Meanwhile, I tried to get Roxy in foal again and she just didn’t take. MJG Scottish Scoot did take! She gave birth to a little bay colt in May 2019! Whiskey also known as Skeet Rey Scott (Scott was supposed to be Scoot) and this is how I ended up with another horse!

Whiskey as a baby!

He was living the good life at the ranch. But lack of time created an issue… an almost 3 year old gelding with zero training! I was casually looking for something because Lynx is 14 going on 15. My other two geldings are 20/21. In my mind, I knew I needed to have something to compete on by 2025. Despite my husband’s dislike for this little spoiled bay colt, he let me bring him home. Shocker, he is doing really well! I figure I will either fall in love and give him a job or sell and get something older after Whiskey is broke to ride. Why not? Better than having a “wild” horse running around at the ranch!!!!

Whiskey taking the tarp in stride

This is my Christmas Pony. I really didn’t think it would go this way but nevertheless, I’m so happy it did!!!!