Quiet Riders Make Timid Horses?????

The great debate! So I get the idea of having soft hands, correct feet etc. Spurs are an extension of your feet, not go fast torture devices. But have you ever “walked on eggshells” around a horse for fear of them spooking?

So I have a theory that I share with some friends. If you don’t ride your horse like a dead broke, seen it all, sane horse, then you will never get them there. I don’t mean jerking them around. I mean, throw the saddle on them. Don’t be quiet. Talk, dance, sing…. When you pull off the gear, pull it off. Let it hit the ground. I mean, take care of your stuff but don’t be all whisper quiet! The horses need to get used to random stuff too. If you have ever heard me run barrels, yes I said heard me, you would get it. I have tried to run quiet. With my mouth. But, my horse is like “mom? Are you ok?”. So I’m loud. Sorry!

Today we gained photographic evidence of our “horse’n around”! We call it Equine yoga! Needless to say, my horses really put up with a lot! We also carry pop up barrels, poles, ice chests and even chairs around from the saddle. I use my barrel horse to trim tree limbs because he is tall! He is used to them falling on his head! It happens!

So let’s all think about that the next time you go to saddle that flinchy horse!!! Swing wide! #resbarrelracing #resridinglessons #noonefellofftoday

Lynx and I on the left, Tori and Goose on the right!
Maggie on Splash!
Maggie riding backwards on Splash… not sure why but…
Lopin as a herd!

Update on Whiskey!

A while back, Whiskey and I had a come to Jesus meeting over spurs. Sadly, the ground is harder than it used to be. I did get back on. I did make him lope 5 laps each direction before releasing him for the day. I did go to the ER. It seems that my 44 year old body does not bounce and my rebuilt hip as well as my slowly deteriorating spine are not going to put up with my shenanigans anymore.

While some might scoff and tell me I’m being a wimp, you are not paying my medical bills so hush! On the flip side, I knew I needed outside help to get this 70 days rode colt going. I did hire one guy that came out four whole times over 3 weeks thus ending our contract due to lack of work. Then… we met Ashley! Very convenient since he is living with my best friend and Ashley lives right next door! He has been there for about 10 days now and she has gotten him over his attitude over spurs. She is riding him daily as well as hauling him to a covered arena to ride and expose him! He will also get ridden during roping practice, through the field and the trees and basically just get those hours of training he needs to become a solid citizen!

My brain doesn’t recognize that he “bucked me off”. No. It was more of a “he got me out of place and I fell off” thought. I’m not afraid of him. I just knew that he needed some heavy riding to help him understand what work really is!!! I think he will become a great “do whatever” horse! He has a solid sliding stop! He is super soft in the face and really has a motor. He is a little on the lazy side. I much rather speed up a lazy horse than slow down a crazy horse so he is my type! I mean… have you met Gabe and Lynx? They were/are the same way!

Who knew that this little bay would come to me and become something? I didn’t! Honestly, his breeding is way more cow/show than anything. He is super athletic and built really nice! I sure look forward to our future!


Skeet Rey Scott aka Whiskey

I’m trying. That is what counts! It’s been a hot minute since I responsible for riding a young one with just the basics! But I’m trying! Whiskey is a smart horse. He is also lazy. I love a lazy horse! Why? Because you can always speed one up but you can’t always slow one down! He likes to see if I’m going to “make him” do it. Whatever it is. Sunday, we argued over a muddy spot in the round pen. Granted, it was slick, deep and soul sucking mud. He would go through it without a rider but not with me on his back. In fact, he got half way into the mud and parked. Zero reaction. Kick and kick… nothing. No flinching. No movement. Uber frustrated, I decided to throw him in reverse. He would not go to the side but he did reverse. So I stepped off, put the halter on and made him do it lounging. Then I got back on and did a BUNCH of little roll backs getting him closer and closer to said mud. Finally he gave in and walked through it!!!! Yahoo! Next thing I did was ride to the gate, let us out of the round pen, and we rode around the front pasture aka the arena! He was soooo lazy. I could not get him to do anything but walk. However, he did go through the mud. He did let me open the gate from his back. He did stop and reverse with ease. He actually rode good. Just all at a walk!

Today, Tuesday, I decided to ride again. Y’all, I’m trying to ride as much as my body will allow! So I caught the little booger and proceeded to clean him up for our ride. Of course we did a few laps in the round pen and I decided to do the ground work with the mud puddle before getting on. Shocker, he went though it on first request today!!! So again, we went to the gate, let ourselves out and rode in the front! I decided we needed to trot and then I decided we could do some circles trotting! I haven’t really gotten him used to spurs yet. So I used my split rein to smack him when he flat refused to increase his speed. He is not afraid of that either! Success! We trotted and did some figure 8’s, worked around some random barrels and poles, and FINALLY got a sliding stop! I found the whoa button that works for him! Feet forward, butt down, shoulders back and WHOA. Slid a little then went right into reverse!!! We did that three times. I’m starting to remember little things like that. The cues I give to teach and ride!

I love my riding app. It shows my route pretty well. I had a W pattern set up and then just random barrels. Trot poles. And cones for my figure 8. However, we just started doing some big circles at the trot! I am super excited about how he handled the ride today! My brain is actually encouraging me to ride the way I ride. My gut says “what are you doing now? You are on a baby!!” But my brain says “dude, he is lazy and smart. Ride.” My body is appreciating the fact that we are moving again! It complains a little but it’s opening my hips back up and moving my spine. We have rain coming tomorrow. I will update y’all after our next ride!