Day One Of Real Real Life

Today was Whiskey’s official first day of life. Honestly, he did WAY better than I expected! Morning feed. I dumped his grain into his bucket last. Last out of six horses. He waited. After I had put all the buckets up, I decided to go in the round pen with him so I could get his hay bag and see what he did with me in there. What did he do? He stopped eating and came to me!!! Followed me around the round pen like a puppy. For being a food aggressive horse, I was simply SHOCKED.

I decided to push him around the pen a little before leaving. He followed me to the gate and watched me walk away before going back to his grain. Ok then. Good boy! My lesson showed up and luckily, she is to the point where riding is fun (Kathrine is an adult) and she rode around while watching me work with the “baby”. My two goals were to get him to step over something and to get him to move off my body language. He did both!!!

He finally realized that I wanted him to go around the round pen. Now he did bypass the trot over poles a few times then realized that was the long way around. Frankly, he is a tad lazy. So he finally trotted over them then flat jumped them. It took about 45 minutes to get him to whoa on command and face. When he did that, I loved all over him. I know he was expecting a treat but all he got was love and seemed happy. I asked him to back and it was super easy. I guess the little bit of backing up in the trailer stuck with him! So after we did a little lead rope and body movement work, I turned him back loose.

Next, we had to apply treatment to his rash. Not sure if it’s an allergic reaction or a fungus so I treated for both. Shocking, he was not afraid of the sprays at all. I decided it was time to tie him up. Guess what? He did that too!

All in all, it was a good day for Whiskey!

Day One

We started on the road early Saturday morning. I had a bag of tools (horse tools), the stock trailer, gloves, and a few ideas in mind on how to load the two year old gelding. On first meeting (for this year. I have met him when he was a baby and again as a yearling) he was hungry and mad about the dogs. He easily put his head into the halter. We did give him a little ace just to help with the process. We then left him alone and set up the trailer with three panels behind it. We put the dogs up. We also grabbed about a half scoop of his grain. I put the grain in the front of the trailer. We had the trailer backed up to a hole so the back end was almost flush with the ground.

Then we lead Whiskey over to our three panel pen. He did try to push me once. Just tried to get ahead of me. I pulled down and said no. Then backed him up. Instant licking of the lips and respect given. Yay! We put him in the pen and I did try to lead him into the trailer at first. He put two feet in then backed off. Not aggressively but I figured I would let him check the trailer out. So I took my lil’dog to go play with the yearling cattle for a few minutes. I could hear the clomp clomp of hooves in the trailer! Yahoo! He walked right in!!!! We closed the center gate and the back gates. He didn’t spook AT ALL. I was 100% shocked! Not gonna lie! We decided to leave him in there with hay and feed for a bit before getting on the road. He never pawed. Just hung out. Ok then… let’s hit the road!

I did end up haltering him and tying him in the trailer simply so he would have something to lean on. Three and a half hours later, we were home! This is when it got interesting ๐Ÿค”. He didn’t want to come out of the trailer!!! He doesn’t really understand back. I tried. But it was not clicking in his brain (will be lesson one today) so I let him turn around. You would have thought the driveway was made of lava and the trailer was the “safe zone”! Never have I ever had one that would not come out face first. This was a new one for me! After about an hour of working on one foot at a time, we decided to get the butt rope out. Nothing like pulling a 1000# horse out of a trailer ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ. But alas, he came out like Bambi on ice and stood there as if he didn’t get what just happened! Zero injury to horse or human!

Next step was to lead him to his new pen. It’s my round pen. Sandy with grass. I had it all set up for him. Well, he didn’t want to step up into the round pen ๐Ÿคฃ. Legit from grass to grass… a little butt bump from a lead rope and he finally came on in. I released him and he just followed me around. I put some grain and hay along with water out for him. Tada! First day win!

This morning, during feeding time, I chose to feed him last. He nickered but that is about it. I dumped his feed and just watched him for a few minutes then decided to go into the pen with him. He left his feed to come greet me! Followed me around and then I picked up the whip. Rubbed him all over with it and he just stood there. So I pushed him around a few laps. He is a tad lazy but it’s ok. I finally left him alone and told him to go eat!

Today’s goal is to teach him to back and to move off. I also need to put topical medicine on his sweet itch. More to come!

Saturday is the beginning of a new journey!

I have this thing about horses. Not many realize that I actually knew Lynx and Goose at birth. I knew their dam at birth. I helped my dad to purchase their grand dam back in 1999? Maybe 1998? Also, I bought Gabe as a yearling. These have been the dominant horses of my last 15 years. It’s been a journey with each of them. I haven’t purchased any broke horses, except Splash, in a long time! So here I go again!

Remember playing the name game for a cutting bred foal back in 2019? He was born in May of 2019. Barn name is Whiskey! Solid bay colt out of a buckskin mare and I do believe the stallion was a dun. Well, it’s time to go pick the booger butt up from his spoiled life at the Ranch and give him a J-O-B!


I’m not sure how tall he is now but no doubt he is stout. He has been loaded a few times in the trailer. He does good for the farrier. He has been saddled a few times. But he is not broke. He needs some manners and something to do other than be a pasture pet! I prayed on this and have over thought it between prayers… then I just had a good feeling that all will work out. He many not be some 1D or even 5D barrel horse. But, by God’s Grace and Glory, he will have a job! Who knows? Maybe I will get back into sorting? I used to love to do team penning on my barrel horses!!! Sorting might be a fun adventure!

Whiskey in 2020

This colt is out of a mare that my husband bought for me when we bought our first house! She is 21 now. At the time, she was a fat an sassy buttermilk buckskin with a frosted mane and tail. She was very pregnant with a local stud’s progeny. Her first foal was a pretty little filly that looked just like her! We did breed her again and got a heck of a colt that was full of himself! A sorrel colt. Cooter’s Runnin Shine. See, the mare is registered MJG Scottish Scoot. Barn name is Chevis. First filly was Hot Scotch Tottie. See the theme?

My thought is to blog my journey with this colt as much as possible! He has a brain. He has a great build and is pretty correct in his confirmation. Bred to preform either in arena work or cattle. Who knows? It will be one day at a time at my place! So follow along with us as we prepare Whiskey for life!