Whiskey Day 8?

I don’t really know what day it is! Yesterday was Saturday and we brought him home a week ago Saturday… so I will stick with 8! Seems legit!

I don’t normally sheet babies. Whiskey is a late May foal and will be 3. We had a huge temperature drop from 80° down to 31° in one day. I had ordered this for him from Amazon! We also feed loose salt and minerals! I felt that it was good for him with sudden drops! Shocking, he stood still in the pasture with no halter and let me put it on him yesterday. He has never worn a sheet or blanket!!!!

Today, Whiskey learned to get saddled while tied! Normally I do a long introduction to saddling and working on teaching them to stand for it. I normally have them in the round pen with halter/lead. I let them move away then have them come back etc. He has taken to the saddle with ease so today, he was saddled like a big boy!!! I will admit, I had to throw it 3 times because that saddle is heavy and obviously I need to work out lol! But he did it! Even let me put the bell boots on him!!!!! Next…

I wanted to see how he handled the tarp! He let me walk up to him and secure it to the horn. I finally got him moving but he didn’t buck or freak out. When it came around his front legs (last photo) he stopped . I haven’t seen a horse take to the tarp with such ease.

We needed our serration with walking over the tarp and him walking beside me while I carried the tarp back to the barn! All in all , I think I have a good feel for this colt. Now time for Pete and repeat!

Day… 6?

Whisky will have been with me for a week tomorrow. Today, it was a 30mph wind day…and I didn’t feel like doing much outside! I did have a riding lesson so after I cleaned my fridge, cooked dinner and did 5000000 loads of laundry, I decided the baby could “at least” be tied up! Then… I got an epiphany… what if…

I put a barrel in the round pen. We had already experienced going over poles. Why not a barrel? Hey, let’s throw my old saddle on, put a soft bit in your mouth and see what happens? You know what?? He has never ever had a bit in his mouth! Yeah, he didn’t like it but he did it! Took to the saddle like an old cow pony. Then I sent him to the rail!

He did a couple of low score bucks then decided it was too much work and flattened out.

I decided to do “mock” tie around with the bit. I started with just my finger and pulled each direction on the bit. It took him a minute, then he gave face and went with it. I had a long rope so I rigged it up so I could hold the end (pressure) and release as soon as he gave…. I was simply SHOCKED.he gave so easy to the left and a little struggle to the right then quickly realized that it is easier to give to pressure and get release reward than to object.

After all of this, I had a lesson. I decided it was time to stand saddled at the pole. He lead great and stood tied for 2 hours while I coached a kid in the same pasture!!! What? Yes. He chilled and watched my lesson! To say I’m proud of this colt is an understatement! Watching him jump the barrel like an old pro was simply amazing. Watching him lick his lips and take all the new information in, retaining it and taking on the next day is simply amazing!!! I can’t wait to see how he does under saddle!

Day 3,4 With Whiskey!

Yesterday was interesting. I must preface with the fact that Lynx is a dominant Jack hole. He loves to terrorize any new horse. So I had moved Whiskey into a paddock with a 5′ tall board fence and had Lynx and Splash on the pasture side. I cleaned out the round pen and just wanted to give the new kid a change of scenery. Before I did this for him, we worked on being saddled and he was a saint. I figured some move around time was needed!

I should back up and tell you that the horse had zero reaction to the saddle. He was haltered but not tied. He let me rub the pad all over him then let me swing the saddle on him. He didn’t flinch when I brought the girth around. He might have humphed up a couple of times, but nothing like “the big blow up” that I have seen with other horses. I moved the stirrups around and made plenty of noise. Nothing. I seriously think he was like “if I act bad, she is gonna make me sweat and I’m too lazy for that”. We also worked on being lead over the poles forward and backward!

So to reward him, I put him in the paddock. The next day… well… LYNX decided to set Whiskey free so he could chase him. Yup. He reached over the board fence and grabbed him on the face and neck. Then, somehow, the gate came open (it was snapped. Snap broke) and Whiskey was chased ☹️. End result was teeth marks and scratches. He is ok. The fence, not so much! My friends came over and helped me replace the bused board and pull the bent t-post to put in another and stretch the fence back. Thank God for my team!

Moving forward to the 15th. It’s WINDY. Whiskey was in the round pen but I didn’t feel that after the chaos, he needed to be worked. So I hooked up to the stock trailer and I had tied Whiskey to the thinking spot… I then got the stock trailer to were if he got loose, he would only be loose in the pasture! Obviously, I was thinking he would argue! Nope. Lead him right into the trailer. No second thoughts. To say I was shocked was an understatement! So I then let him turn around and I lead him out. Shocking, he stepped right out… ok. Now what? Then it hit me… HE needs to learn to back out of the trailer!!!!! Yes!!! And he did it twice. Sigh. Too easy. So I went to load one more time and he refused. Finally, I decided I should load him like the others. Where I am not in the trailer. So I tied him back up and ran a long rope. I seriously expected him to fight a little. Nope. Loaded in with out me in the trailer!!! Yahoo!!! Then I had him back out one more time! No, he didn’t get a cookie. He got a lot of love, scratches and good boy!!!

I also decided to try a blanket on him while he was chill in the trailer. Yeah, he didn’t care!!!

Now after all that, I figured he deserved some pasture time!!! I walked my fence to check my Hotwire and kicked him loose with Splash. They get along like two peas in a pod!