Update on Whiskey!

A while back, Whiskey and I had a come to Jesus meeting over spurs. Sadly, the ground is harder than it used to be. I did get back on. I did make him lope 5 laps each direction before releasing him for the day. I did go to the ER. It seems that my 44 year old body does not bounce and my rebuilt hip as well as my slowly deteriorating spine are not going to put up with my shenanigans anymore.

While some might scoff and tell me I’m being a wimp, you are not paying my medical bills so hush! On the flip side, I knew I needed outside help to get this 70 days rode colt going. I did hire one guy that came out four whole times over 3 weeks thus ending our contract due to lack of work. Then… we met Ashley! Very convenient since he is living with my best friend and Ashley lives right next door! He has been there for about 10 days now and she has gotten him over his attitude over spurs. She is riding him daily as well as hauling him to a covered arena to ride and expose him! He will also get ridden during roping practice, through the field and the trees and basically just get those hours of training he needs to become a solid citizen!

My brain doesn’t recognize that he “bucked me off”. No. It was more of a “he got me out of place and I fell off” thought. I’m not afraid of him. I just knew that he needed some heavy riding to help him understand what work really is!!! I think he will become a great “do whatever” horse! He has a solid sliding stop! He is super soft in the face and really has a motor. He is a little on the lazy side. I much rather speed up a lazy horse than slow down a crazy horse so he is my type! I mean… have you met Gabe and Lynx? They were/are the same way!

Who knew that this little bay would come to me and become something? I didn’t! Honestly, his breeding is way more cow/show than anything. He is super athletic and built really nice! I sure look forward to our future!

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