God’s Plans are not Always Our Plans.

As much as we would like to pray for something to happen, sometimes God just flat has other plans! Whiskey spent a lot of time with another trainer but didn’t get the rides he needed to become a good citizen. He was being good for me but still so green. I ended up asking for too much from him and hit the ground. He didn’t buck me off, he just got me off. I did get back on him and loped him five laps both directions in the round pen and rode back closer to the trailers. He was a saint.

I ended up hurting my bad hip and my back. I also had contusions on my hamstring. Y’all, the ground is harder when you are over 40! I reached out to find someone to put rides on him. Sadly, even though I loved how he worked with my horse, we had to part ways. I work on a schedule and he didn’t. But… I prayed on it! Whiskey cut his knee so I had a couple of weeks healing him while I prayed!

Now I have a choice between two trainers. One where he is with my BFF and will have access to two arenas, a round pen and lots of cool places to be tied up! Also, pasture riding! This trainer is willing to work cattle on him, haul him on rainy days to covered arenas, and expose him to a lot of things! She is confident she can get him over his baby stuff like hating spurs. I really like her positivity and her mentor! Not to mention that I can go ride him when I want and I know my BFF will keep me posted on his progress!

The other is a professional trainer about an hour and a half away. He mainly trains western pleasure. I know he would put the rides in but it would be similar to him being far away like before. Also, he would not have cattle work, pasture work or anything like that. But he would have a heck of a handle on him!

I decided to go with the first one. I’m attached to this colt and really want to get him to where I can saddle and do whatever I ask him to do without him questioning me all the time! So say some prayers that this works out for us!!! Also, this means I will have Four, the grey mare, as a lesson horse! Yay!

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