Whiskey Day 8?

I don’t really know what day it is! Yesterday was Saturday and we brought him home a week ago Saturday… so I will stick with 8! Seems legit!

I don’t normally sheet babies. Whiskey is a late May foal and will be 3. We had a huge temperature drop from 80° down to 31° in one day. I had ordered this for him from Amazon! We also feed loose salt and minerals! I felt that it was good for him with sudden drops! Shocking, he stood still in the pasture with no halter and let me put it on him yesterday. He has never worn a sheet or blanket!!!!

Today, Whiskey learned to get saddled while tied! Normally I do a long introduction to saddling and working on teaching them to stand for it. I normally have them in the round pen with halter/lead. I let them move away then have them come back etc. He has taken to the saddle with ease so today, he was saddled like a big boy!!! I will admit, I had to throw it 3 times because that saddle is heavy and obviously I need to work out lol! But he did it! Even let me put the bell boots on him!!!!! Next…

I wanted to see how he handled the tarp! He let me walk up to him and secure it to the horn. I finally got him moving but he didn’t buck or freak out. When it came around his front legs (last photo) he stopped . I haven’t seen a horse take to the tarp with such ease.

We needed our serration with walking over the tarp and him walking beside me while I carried the tarp back to the barn! All in all , I think I have a good feel for this colt. Now time for Pete and repeat!

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