Day… 6?

Whisky will have been with me for a week tomorrow. Today, it was a 30mph wind day…and I didn’t feel like doing much outside! I did have a riding lesson so after I cleaned my fridge, cooked dinner and did 5000000 loads of laundry, I decided the baby could “at least” be tied up! Then… I got an epiphany… what if…

I put a barrel in the round pen. We had already experienced going over poles. Why not a barrel? Hey, let’s throw my old saddle on, put a soft bit in your mouth and see what happens? You know what?? He has never ever had a bit in his mouth! Yeah, he didn’t like it but he did it! Took to the saddle like an old cow pony. Then I sent him to the rail!

He did a couple of low score bucks then decided it was too much work and flattened out.

I decided to do “mock” tie around with the bit. I started with just my finger and pulled each direction on the bit. It took him a minute, then he gave face and went with it. I had a long rope so I rigged it up so I could hold the end (pressure) and release as soon as he gave…. I was simply SHOCKED.he gave so easy to the left and a little struggle to the right then quickly realized that it is easier to give to pressure and get release reward than to object.

After all of this, I had a lesson. I decided it was time to stand saddled at the pole. He lead great and stood tied for 2 hours while I coached a kid in the same pasture!!! What? Yes. He chilled and watched my lesson! To say I’m proud of this colt is an understatement! Watching him jump the barrel like an old pro was simply amazing. Watching him lick his lips and take all the new information in, retaining it and taking on the next day is simply amazing!!! I can’t wait to see how he does under saddle!

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