A Little Bit About Texas, Summer and Riding Lessons!

Summer has crash landed into Texas! It’s merely June and we have already hit 100°! Eek! Normally, this is the time for kids to go to camp, vacations and generally let loose! It’s also the time that I get a lot of requests for having a horse camp. I’m going to explain why this is not an option for RES. Not now.

First of all, IT’S HOT! Yes, I know that little jimmy loves summer and you can dress him up in cooling clothes, but what about the horses?? My “arena” does not have a roof. Why? Because we are in a residential area and I love looking at my pasture vs a tall metal structure. One day, one day…. I will have my covered arena! ONE DAY! But not now. This means that when the sun is blaring from the sky at 11am and the heat index is rising, it’s HOT. I do not have woods to ride in nor shade. Typically, during Texas Summer, we ride before 10am and after 7:30pm. Trust me. It’s the only way!

Reason number 2! Where would I put these campers during the heat of the day? I don’t have a barn with stalls. My house is not designed for recreational use. Literally have to keep them outside. Heck, I even bring my dogs inside after 11am! I just can’t do that to my kiddos!

Reason number 3! My horses give up on riders when it’s too hot. You can kick them, belittle them, drag them…. they just don’t go. Especially Lynx and Gabe. They are more likely to park themselves in whatever shade they can find. That is not much fun for my students!!!!

Reason number 4- I don’t have insurance for that! Did you know that you have to have a special insurance to have a “camp”? Yes you do! It’s expensive! This is why summer camps have gotten so expensive over the years! Risk and Liability is expensive!

And I will give one more reason— it’s too hot! I don’t have a pool. I will get sunburned. And it’s hard to keep anyone going when your life essence is being sucked through your pores in the Texas heat!

River after being ridden June 15th

So please keep all this in mind when asking for horse camp with me! However, I’m happy to give lessons! As long as we can do mornings and late evenings! I do try to reserve time for my family! My son and I have water park season passes so I’m sure I will have some black out days. But I will do the best I can to schedule accordingly and try to get everyone in each week! Thank you for understanding!

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