So I did a thing…

Most horse people are dog people! I have cats too but honestly, my dogs… are all rotten!!! Well, I have two heelers, baby girl is now 13 and my blue heeler, Cole, we are not sure how old he is so I will say 4! Then we have Gunther! He is half lab, half wiener dog. Mama was the short one! He is now 9! I went to a family friend of a friend to pick up a mattress and put comes this little turkey…. he is half corgi, half mini Aussie! And Auggie! I’m a big cow dog person. I love their personalities and their ability to learn and be protective! This little five month old pup came out and peed on my foot. Of course, I went into dog mom world and began to correct him. He listened…. and the owners said “you can take him! He is free! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Dang I’m a sucker!

Of course, I just informed my husband that I did a thing… he did the whole “uh huh..” I know he was not 100% on board as we have not had a puppy in 13 years!!! I miss having one that bonds to me right off and I know we will have a long life together! Every cowgirl needs a good dog! So I have four now but still!

Cole and Slick

God is funny about me and my animals. Every dog I have had in my life since I left home for college, came to me naturally. I didn’t seek out a breeder and buy a puppy. I saw a puppy and begged said breeder to let me have one! My first heeler was Ruger! Man he was a son of a gun! Awesome dog! Might bite someone he doesn’t like but always there to protect me! He went over the rainbow bridge at age 9. I miss him so much! I took in a lab named Jackson when Ruger was two. Jackson was a hot mess! He went to live with a good friend about three years later! He had a great life as a farm dog! Colt45 was my 2nd heeler! He was a pup when Ruger passed. That dog was always my husband’s dog!!! didn’t like truck rides. Prefered to be at home. But always happy! He lived to be 13!!!! Died at home peacefully when I went to get my son from school. It was totally random. The vet said he most likely had a heart attack. Gunther came into our lives when my son was two! Went to check on my horse while he was at the trainer! Little stinker came up and licked all over my son! Yup, she said I could have him…. great little home dog!!!! All 25# of him! Cole, our recent heeler, came from the local shelter. After Colt45 passed, I was browsing. In my brain I wanted a full mask, male, blue, under age 5. I figured it would take a long time. Several folks tagged me on his post…. he came home Christmas Eve 2019!!! Neat dog! He is a love!!!! Three was a great number!!!!

Cole, Gunther, Gauge

Alas… Gauge is getting older. I’m a huge believer in having a puppy learn from their elders. Something about the dominant dog teaching the little one how to act has always given me great success when I did rescue! So when Slick came in… they are already forming a good pack! She has taught him that mama is head of the pack but she is my number 2! Cole found his inner voice and is teaching the tiny one to have respect! All together, they are teaching Slick that the back yard is THE PLACE TO BE!!! And is mama let’s you go out front, that is special!!! Daddy is the other alpha and you better listen to him as he is responsible for Mama! So far so good!

Cole telling me how he feels!
The pack leaders ignoring the pups

Having dogs is work. I’m not going to lie. You have to take responsibility for them. Care for them. Train them. Love them. But once you bond and they bond, it’s so hard to let them go! My baby girl gets to go to the races still. She is getting around pretty good! Thanks to Summit! Cole gets to go too when baby girl wants to chill! Now little tike has gone to the vet (for the horses), Home Depot (for fencing) and to the neighbor’s house so I can groom his horses! He is super chill away from home! I hope all of you have a dog to keep you company!

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