You Will Always Be Broke.

One thing about being a horse lover is….you will always be broke. On the flip side, your life will be full! Let’s break this down!

First, you buy or “get” said horse. That is the cheap part! Next comes the gear, truck, trailer, barn, feed, hay and the oh so fun vet bills! Now let’s hope you had the land, barn, truck and trailer before said horse but I shall continue….. Your pocket book will literally be screaming at you to stop!

Then you decide or begin your activities! It’s so much fun to barrel race! It costs around $30-$100 just to run plus fuel, stall, a place for you to sleep if staying overnight… if you are in that 15-20% that won money, you might bank some cash! Yahoo! If you are like me, you enter another race!

You are having so much fun! Life feels complete! Then…you see a second horse and realize you NEED two… I mean, you can’t have just one dog….you can’t have just one horse! It’s true! Scientific even! Now you need a second job…..

Then one day your two horses are being rowdy due to a cold front….one slips and slides into a gate and gashes himself up approximately 30 minutes AFTER closing time for the vet…..and off to the vet you go! ChaChing! Bye bye extra Christmas money!

So that is the monetary version of being broke. Non-horse people don’t get it. I explain it like this- My therapist was $100 a week. If I were to actually get my nails and hair done, I bet that would round out to be $100 a week. If I drove a car that was new and shiny, add an additional $400 a month. If I cared about fashion….y’all, I don’t even know what fashion costs…..but I have horses to fill that empty spot my life needs! And, because I have horses, I have an active lifestyle! Yahoo! This makes the body happy until I hurt myself but hey, I’m active! So next time someone tells you horses are expensive, just reply with it’s worth it. Every single dollar, drop of sweat, blood and tears. 100% worth it. Without horses, I’m not even sure what I would do in my “spare time”…. wait….what is spare time?

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