I cannot wait until Friday! I’m super excited! Lynx officially took the title of Champion of the Open and Adult for the year with BRAT Barrel Racing! Friday is awards day!!!!

We started with a goal of making it to as many races as we could. Then COVID hit… two races left and Lynx got in a fight over a fence with the neighbors horses. I was literally points ahead and needed to run the last two races! So I was able to grab up Splash and finish the season on him! Keep in mind, Lynx ran the other 9 races!!! I only missed one race this last season!

I think the biggest shock to me is that my goal was top 10. My goal was go to all of the races and I missed one due to a storm. My horse got injured and I was still able to finish the season. How in the world did all of that work out? My head is still spinning over the reality of what happened!!!!!!

To all the barrel racers out there, I encourage you to set goals. Make a plan. Figure out how to make that plan work. BE FLEXIBLE. Remember that if it’s not God’s plan, you need to look around and adjust! Keep posted to my blog and FB page to see all of the Goodies Zbar Lynx To Cash will bring home this weekend!

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