Some are just naturals!

I work with all ages of students to help them figure out how to become with the horse. Honestly, I could always use someone to coach me! We never stop learning! Someone asked me today, after watching one of my runs, what could I improve? I won the race that day but I still have things I need to work on! It as nice to converse over these things!

Some people just have a natural ability with riding. They automatically sit correctly and handle the reins correctly. They could go a year without sitting on a horse and they just click into place! I wish I was one of these people but I am not. I have to tell myself things like “heels down”, “shoulders back” “don’t lean in” etc. it’s a mantra that rotates in my brain!

My husband is a natural! He had never ridden this horse (Splash) and it was a new to us saddle. He got on and found buttons I didn’t know the horse even possessed. Jeff has always had a natural seat and soft hands! I was tickled to watch him ride today!!!! I think I finally have a horse that he will actually ride!!!!

My point is simple. Sometimes you have to work on yourself. Some folks just have a natural ability. We can work to become that natural with time in the saddle!

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