Want to try something AMAZING?

Do you have a horse or a dog that is a little sore? Achy? Has inflammation issues? Let’s talk about it! I have all of the above! I started my horse on Summit and just finished the loading dose! I signed up as a dealer and would LOVE to GIVE away a free dose to you! All you have to do is order a loading dose for your horse or dog before May 31st and I will send you a free dose on me!

Summit is an injectable anti inflammatory that is test free and easy to use! Four doses, one every 5-7 days for four doses then one dose every 3-4 weeks after that will help keep your horse or dog comfortable! $33 a dose! This stuff is amazing! I can’t wait until they get it approved for humans!

Just go to Summitjp.com/resbarrelracing and order your loading dose! BEFORE the end of May! I will send out your free dose from my house! No coupon!

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