Let’s Talk About Being Fat

Not me. Seriously! Let’s talk about getting weight on your horses! As you know, when a horse is working out or running they will burn off calories. They need the fat stores to provide them with the energy they need! Ideally, for a sprinter (barrel horse) I love for them to be a 7 on a scale of 1-10 for body score. This means you cannot see any bones but can feel ribs when you touch them.

Perks on the Fly

The horse shown above is taking a supplement by Core Balance called Developmental Grass Hay. I had to remove traditional feed from his diet. He gets a scoop of rice bran with his Core Balance! He also gets grass or grass hay! He is at, in my opinion, perfect weight!

Core Balance has several different complete supplements including core builder that will help a skinny horse get their groove back! Use my code RM2020CB for a discount on your first purchase! #corebalanceus #resbarrelracing #equinenutrition

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