Goals, Goals, Goals.

For some, this seems like the wrong time to set goals. Well, I like to set goals once I finish my last big goal! And I did it! Zbar Lynx To Cash and A Splash of Jet set me up for Open Champion and Adult Champion for the year with BRAT Barrel Racing! Whoop!

So now it’s time to set more goals. First goal is to get Splash to be more supple and to get him to be more….well….easy for kids! He is 18 but he is all work! So we will teach him to play! Lots of riding, round pen work and pasture riding is in his future!

Lynx is still healing so my goal is to get him back to 110%. It might take a while!

Goose will stay in his light training to keep him in shape but only hard rides when it’s cool outside. Planning on picking up some jackpots in the fall for him!

For my business….. I would love to be able to sell a case of Steprite Plus a week. So that’s my goal! I love how it works for my horses and dogs! Its on my website! Go to shop!

I would also love to sell at minimum of one bucket of Core Balance a week! It’s amazing stuff! Core Balance use my code RM2020CB for 25% off!

And now down to Summit. I’m one shot into loading dose on 3 horses! I would love to get at least one loading dose sold a week! Summit

So I do have Goals! Big ones! Feel free to click the links and check out my products! I’m hear to answer questions too!

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