Something Extraordinary…

In the Spring of 2019, I decided that I wanted to make the races at BRAT for the entire season. I ended up missing one in June but that was it. There are 12 races in a season. I wanted to win the year or at least be in the top 10 on Zbar Lynx To Cash.

Lynx was able to get us to the top. Then to first. Then… Covid 19 hit. Lynx cut his leg about a week after. Races were canceled… we were sitting first for open and adult!!! Two races left. Y’all, I tried to heal him up for Mother’s Day weekend also known as the last two races of the season…. but it wasn’t meant to be.

So my sweet friend Debra suggested I ride Splash. He is an 18 year old gelding that has been there done that. However he hasn’t really been run since 2016. So I did it!!!! Low and behold, Splash man ended up winning 1st in the 5D open and 4th in the adult on Saturday. I had given him his Summit on Friday! His first round! Had him Chiro’ed on Saturday night. Then we made another run on Sunday landing 3rd in the 4D, knocking a half of a second off our time, and 1st in the 4D Adult!!!!!! Holy Cow!!!! We did it! Splash clinched the year keeping us At the top of the open and the adult!!!!!!

My last post was about making changes. About God putting logs in our path to help us grow. I always felt like I was a decent rider. But I have my favorites. Lynx is one of them! The fact that I was able to jump ride a different style horse this weekend and bring home the loot just reminds me that I am BLESSED. So when God puts that log in the road, look around…. something different but better might be right there!!!!!

Saturday 5/9/2020 Splash
Sunday 5/10/2020 Splash

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