Change of Plans!

Honestly, those three words can illicit a sense of dread deep in my soul! You see, although I’m not considered “organized physically”, mentally I have a plan! So while my work space is scattered, my brain knows where everything is at and can most likely find it with ease. So when someone throws in CHANGE OF PLANS!!!… My brain goes….NOOOOOOO….. But I am learning!

When you have horses….stuff happens. Even though you calendar has it all set, down to the minute, things happen. You have to go with the flow. As an instructor/coach whom doesn’t currently own an indoor arena, rain can change my whole day! So I do consult the weather gods to schedule my lessons. Texas will have other plans because well…if you have ever lived in Texas, you would understand!

OK, back to what I wanted to get across with this post. My horse injured himself. It’s superficial, THANK GOD, but healing takes time. While he is sound, I wasn’t sure if he would get to make a run this weekend. We are sitting first in the open and the adult for the year and the last two races are this weekend. He still has some redness showing but not bleeding and is actually doing really well. I have been riding him. Two weeks ago was a different story. I thought NO WAY can we run on Mother’s Day weekend. So I borrowed a horse and have him here for the “if Lynx can make his runs” scenario. Keep in mind, this is Lynx’s season. He has run 9 out of 12 races (two to go so 9 out of 10 so far) and I wanted HIM to finish it. Two weeks ago, my brain said “ change of plans” which sent me into a flurry of what am I going to do!? So I prayed and a nice little bay gelding came to play at my house!

Keep in mind that I’m still doctoring Lynx. I still have the “I don’t know yet” feeling. I was pretty confident yesterday but this am, we got rain and I need to go clean that leg up. However, the two kids will still go on the trailer tomorrow and it might be down to an hour before my run that I actually make a decision. As a horse owner, this is a normal thing. We have to be flexible and plan for the what if’s. Nothing is promised when it comes to horses. So try not to be disappointed. Try and find a solution and don’t forget to PRAY!

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