What Do I Offer and Why Broken Down By Horse!

Not sure if you noticed but I do carry a variety of supplements! A variety because what works for might not work for others. So I will break it down for you! By horse and WHY.

Goose- Goose has issues with grain products. Goose is a barrel horse and a lesson horse. Goose is eating rice bran and coastal hay. But he was lacking “something”. So we added in Core Balance Developmental Grass Hay formula! Honestly folks… this product has made a HUGE difference for this horse! Literally balanced out his ration and he is doing so well! We ran out for almost a week and I noticed a change. A bad change. Got it back into my barn, fed it the night before and the next day…. BAM. Back to awesome! I LOVE this product! They have different formulas and even an awesome HA supplement called Core Motion! Right now, he is getting the CB developmental grass hay and rice bran with coastal. #corebalanceus #perksonthefly #resbarrelracing

Next is Lynx

Lynx is a 1D/2D barrel horse that also gives riding lessons to all ages. Lynx is on a regular injection schedule for his hocks every 9 months. Lynx is a picky eater. He really prefers liquid supplements vs powder. I also have him on Core Balance Developmental grass hay. This product has EVERY THING YOU NEED in two scoops. Probiotics, prebiotics, loose minerals, (no more feeding electrolytes as it has that too) and it is basically an all around ration balancer with the added aminos and vitamins to keep him at his best.

Lynx also gets Steprite Plus. It’s designed for joints and all over inflammation! It has helped Lynx heal from his wound as it keeps the swelling down. It’s a thick (emulsified liquid) And he LOVES IT! After two weeks, he went from “looks like we need jock injections” to “Holy Cow! Did you see that turn?” Yes, it’s that AWESOME. #stepriteplus #zbarlynxtocash

Now I have a new little bay gelding that is considered “aged”. But he is great! He is a little stiff in my opinion but instead of rushing to the vet to try injections, I’m going to use SUMMIT for him. Why? Well, he could care less about grain. He is turned out on green grass and literally refuses grain. Hard to get him on a supplement if he won’t eat! So I stepped onto the summit joint performance bandwagon! It’s injectable. I know the performance horse world is split down the middle as far as “feed through” and “injectable” but to each his own. I’m here to help! Because this Horse refuses grain, I needed something different. This means he won’t have to eat it and I can still help him! #summitjp

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