And Finally….

It’s been hard y’all. Being all stoved up at home. No students. Just me and my son. But….life just re-opened! In fact I had two lessons this week! Another tomorrow! Yippee! Lynx is still on the no fly list due to his leg injury but it’s ok! I have a horse to ride! Goose is getting a lot of extra TLC!

Some one asked if Texas opened back up tomorrow, what would I do different….well, nothing. I might go get some food that wasn’t cooked by my own hands but other than that, we are still doing school at home, I have a horse to ride and I’m still working from home. However, I do have a barrel race coming up on Mother’s Day weekend! So I am super excited about that!

I am ready for my students to return! Bring on the sunscreen, dirt, horse sweat and the smiles of my students!

#resbarrelracing #resridinglessons #stepriteplus #corebalanceus

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