Life Goes On

Despite the fact that everything is canceled and closed, life goes on. My son is still learning, my horses are still needing a good workout and I, myself, need a good workout. We could be sitting on the couch saying “woe is me” but as a horse owner and a mom, it’s not that easy!

I have found myself cooking at least five days a week. I’m riding every other day and my injured horse is 20 miles away but also needing me. On the plus side I’m using less fuel and not spending money on entry fees. On the negative 2/3rds of my students are staying home. But I do see the light! It’s there!

So I shall continue to sell my supplements, offer saddle cleaning and riding lessons with social distancing. I shall continue to ride my only horse “Goose” and work with him. I will continue to work on healing Lynx. I will continue being back up for my son’s teacher. Life goes on! I’m praying things can go back to normal soon. But making a few changes, we are still blessed!

One thought on “Life Goes On

  1. You are doing one of the best things you can do during this time. Teaching and Learning. Everyone has had to opportunity to learn, be it new language, new hobby or what ever you want . Rachael is the best !!!


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