It’s Weird Y’all

So I am that generation whom was born in the late 70’s and grew up without internet and cell phones then learned the slow way about technology while in college. I will never forget walking into the Same Houston State University Library to sign up for classes “online”. My first email. My first true internet experience in fall of 1997. This means that I also lived through the recession in the 80’s. I grew up on the down side of middle class and my dad still works in the oil field. Life was different back then but not by much.

Looking back, we have come so far in such a short time. Seems like yesterday when we have “novice horse” classes and we had no idea of the background of said horses. Now a days, you can search that horse on the internet and see how much they have earned. Makes me wonder how many honest horse people existed back in the 80/90’s. How has life changed? Are we more accountable or less? I have seen 1D horses for sale that only won the 1D against 20 horses once… so has things really changed?

Moving forward. We are all in a state of shock and panic over a virus that one side will say it is biological warfare and the other side say it’s an act of God. I’m in the middle. We have folks that just ignore the government requests for us to shelter in place and then the others that are extreme. Again, I’m in the middle. Keeping my distance, using hand sanitizer and washing my hands like crazy. Wearing a mask. Only going to the store for much needed items etc. I do try to leave my child with my husband as much as possible. However, this whole ordeal has taken a hard blow to our family income. Less students, husband has been laid off and my son is doing school on the computer! Life is getting tough!

But as a horse person, life must go on. I am suffering from spring allergies but I am riding as much as I can. My husband is getting things done around the the house that needed to be done. My son is learning at a rapid pace that makes me really appreciate his teachers! And I do have two students that will work with the social distancing to come ride! Yay!

God has a plan. Perhaps he is saying “take a break from the rat race and look around at why you do what you do.” That has been my perspective. We worked on a budget to cut out extra expenses. We are finding new ways to carry out daily activities. We are up to date on what our child is learning in school. Why? Because we finally have time to do these things!

My advice? Ride. Enjoy what you have right here, right now. Appreciate your family. Realize how blessed you are to have the things you have. After all, things can literally change in the blink of an eye. Check on your people. Some are not all right. Some need help but won’t ask. Some are having to deal with life things that are deeper that they can express. Figure out a way to help.

Once the restrictions get lifted, things may not go back to normal. This magnitude of a “disaster” will have a lot of after shocks! So do be surprised when your tribe needs help! Be human. Show compassion. Offer to help. Say your prayers.

Overall, we need to thank God for carrying us through everything!!!!

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