God Has A Plan.

We are all having a hard time with the new protocol for shelter in place. We ALL want life to go back to NORMAL. But, have you stopped and looked around at your home? Your land? Your family? I wonder if you have been inspired? Have you taken a different approach to riding? After all, it’s not like we have a race this weekend. Perhaps we can ride and not hammer down? Have you re-organized your barn and trailer yet? Have you washed down your tack? Have you spent time just brushing your horses?

I have been a bit lazy . I admit it! My son is doing homeschool and I personally have been focusing on laundry, dishes and inside stuff while he is on my computer. Sigh. It’s time to make a “do it” list for my own sanity! So here is mine!

1. Wash blankets, pads, leg gear — the only leg gear I am using is bells and one front set as I’m just riding at home. My sheets are in use due to the random cold front but do I need my winter blankets? No. My pads have time to dry. No rush.

2. Go through the LQ of my trailer and check my medical supplies. Clean out stuff I don’t use. Organize it in a way that I can easily grab and go. I really need a nose cabinet in this trailer but I’d have to find someone who can build it so I will dream it and let it go for now. But I can arrange the storage of what I have!

3. Clean it all. Tack. Brushes. Mats. You would be shocked at how much “stuff” we have in our tack rooms that needs to be cared for and some things replaced. I grabbed one of my random Headstalls and the leather ties were toast! Take you time. Take them apart. Clean them. Oil them. Only put back what you actually USE. Trash those worn out brushes!

4. What is your horse doing? Currently I have one with her “boyfriend”. I have one at my friend’s house on medical leave. So that leaves two. Why not enjoy those two? Gabe is retired but sure could use some TLC! Brushing and loving!!’ Goose would enjoy some trail riding! Also some TLC! I also decided to jerk the shoes off of Lynx while on medical leave. I’m sure my Farrier would appreciate it. Why? Because he has been wanting him to grow some heel. I can’t run him so may as well, right?

5. By the way these are in NO particular order…. spend time with my kid. Play games. Watch a movie. Go dig up the flower bed. Make it something. Go for walks with him and the dogs. We both read a lot. But we need to do outside stuff too!

6. Have you looked under your sinks in your house? How about the coat closet? If you are like me… holy cow… why do I have all that random stuff??? Shampoo that actually expired five years ago? Bye Felicia! I cleaned out one of my closets to find trash. Like legit stuff that could be thrown out! Now I have storage for my vacuum and my laundry soap! Whoop!

7. I’m out of ideas for now but this is my list. Make your own! Another thing that I have been doing is cooking. A lot. Like almost every meal. I like cooking.

So when you are bored, moping about not being able to barrel race, reflect on what you can do!!!! We all miss the hustle and bustle but now we have more time. Use it! Let God show you His plans! Perhaps this will change your perspective on WHY we started barrel racing to begin with… for the love of our horses!!!

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