Due to the pandemic…

So we are in self quarantine now. Basically, we can’t do things like normal. My son is doing homeschooling from my laptop. I have to be there to help that along. My husband is working from home as well. This has driven me to go OUTSIDE. Yesterday, both horses had a great workout!!!! Today, since I decided to mow, I worked them both for 3 mile long trots behind the four wheeler!

We need to take this time to reflect and work on things we can control. We can control how much food we eat! We can control what our bodies are doing. We can not control the weather, however, Mother Nature has decided to give us some sunshine! God has a plan. Always. I think he is telling me that I need to ride my horses. I need to work on us as a team. Often, when I have lesson kiddos, I only get to ride a few days a week. After all, my horses are getting worked by my students. With this pandemic, I can’t give lessons. So I get to give the workouts!!!

While I miss my students and my income, I have decided that I can use this time to ride, get myself and my horses in shape and get other things done that I normally just don’t have time for during regular life! I just created some videos about things I love. Soon I will add a page to my site called “Rachael’s Perspective on Equine Products”! I hope you will enjoy my little videos!!! I plan to talk about all the things I use and love. Also WHY I use them and love them! You will get to know my weirdo horses and see my face! It’s coming! #reabarrelracing #resridinglessons #equineworkout #fithorses

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