Our New Life (temporary I hope)

This week we have been put into “shelter in place”. My son is now homeschooled. My husband is working from home. Life is getting challenging. I still have horses to feed and care for and we still have bills to pay. But, money is tight, nothing is coming in from the business and I’m getting a little on edge.

I think we are all a little on edge. What I just stated is 99% of families in America, heck, around the world, right now. Fear not, I have some tips!

We have 12 acres and four horses. Luckily, we have had too much rain! This means we have a lot of grass! I actually just turned out Goose with the broodmare and retired gelding. He needs a simple diet and what is more simple than grass? Honestly the other two are so fat that I had to cut their grain down to 1/4 scoop once a day. So they are now just turned out! That cuts my feed bill down by 3/4’s! Saving money y’all! Lynx will still be fed twice daily but since my back field is full of green, why am I feeding alfalfa? And since we have ZERO barrel races… well, let’s just say he is down to grain, core balance and step rite plus. After all, he is my main man and will be ridden as often as I can between rain storms! But no need for alfalfa! Just kick him out on the green!

I will still have to find money for the farrier and pray for no vet bills. But to get out of my house, I will ride. We ride because we have goals, right? Well, once this mess is all over, my goal is to have my ponies in shape and ready to roll!

If we sit around and dwell on the “have nots” life can be dang depressing. Trust me. So let’s focus on the positives! Drop me a comment on what the virus quarantine has changed (positively) in your life!!!!

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