Sometimes you just need to ride!

I give lessons. I coach, I teach, I barrel race. But sometime you just need to ride! Today, I had the pleasure of coaching one kid and one of my older students came out to just ride.

To be honest, I needed it too! We had permission to go ride the cow pasture across the street! Such a blessing! Brooke and I had an adventure on Goose (she rode Goose) and Lynx! We found a new born calf on the wrong side of the fence. He was still wet. We moved him and rubbed him to get him up and off he went to mama! Little bitty thing! It was so awesome that we got to save the little dude! We kept riding. Not really sure how many cows or calves are actually in the herd. We decide to focus on calves! We found two more newborns that just were not with the herd or their mommas! So we got them up and moving! We checked fences and even did a little for wheel driving on horseback through some knee deep mud!

Brooke and the bull calf at B-B ranch!

We rode for over 5 miles and two hours. Just riding. Going with the flow! Goose and Lynx can be a little excited when we go to the cow pasture. But Brooke rode like a champ!

Sometimes we just need to quit working on circles and dirt. We need to go ride and check fences! Not only is it good for the human soul, it helps these athletes (horses) to just ride. Having a bad day? Go ride! Having a good day? Go ride! I will say that no matter what we are doing while on our horse, we are always teaching them something. Today’s something was patience and to listen. For us humans, it was to let go of the week. Enjoy the green and the sunshine. Enjoy the fact that we have horses to ride!

Some folks think that barrel horses can not be trail horses. I have seen it a lot. Too much arena work will really get them sour. Taking them out on an adventure stimulates their brains. Legit therapy on four legs! Give it a try!!!!!! #blessed #resbarrelracing #resridnglessons #zbarlynxtocash #perksonthefly

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