Who is on your Team?

As a barrel racer, we don’t think about our team that much. It’s more about you and your horse. But, I will tell you, it goes deeper than that! So I ask, who is on your team?

How can it be a team? Well… who do you call when your horse is injured? Your vet? A friend? Your spouse? For me, it’s my spouse first as I text my vet then call a friend! That’s a team! Who do you want to ride shotgun? My dog always goes with me. But human wise, I have a couple of folks I like to take with me. See, I need someone that knows my routine. I need someone that is a helper not a burden. Not that I don’t enjoy visitors while at a race!!!! However, my shotgun person needs to be someone that knows my horses and knows how to help me out!

On the home front, who helps you get things done???? Who can feed for you when you are gone? Who can help when you are sick? For me, it’s my husband and he practically has to lock me in the house to keep me from feeding when I’m sick! But he knows my horses and what is a crisis vs just normal stuff. When I was really pregnant, he had to handle a pretty bad injury and did a fantastic job! He also doesn’t mind staying behind to take care of the human child as well as the herd. That is teamwork!

When it comes to friends, who do you have in your corner? I can tell ya, keep the ones that cheer you on in person and behind your back. But don’t forget to return the favor! Good friends are few and far between! Pay attention. Make sure your tribe is rooting for you and watch yourself. Root for them too!

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