Soon to be a New Year!

A lot of folks have New Years resolutions. I don’t. I really never do! I have always done my best to be better than my last ride, run, or whatever. Instead of it being a yearly thing, it’s a daily thing! I like to thank God for all of my blessings and for helping me through the hard stuff! He always provides!

However I will slap down some 2020 goals. First, I want to qualify for the American on Zbar Lynx to Cash. It’s a big one but for sure a goal! Second, I want to have Perks on the Fly healthy during the summer. I want to be able to run him year round! I will find the puzzle piece to complete his health issues! I also want to have him at a competitive level! This means week day races and working together to become a team! Third, I want to grow my business! I want Rachael’s Equine Services to become a brand that is recognized, a team that is successful and work towards putting on clinics! Soon I will be posting more videos of things I do to create a successful run. It’s more than just the run! I have so many thing I do to help my Equine partners! Lastly, I want to be in shape and strong. I want to be able to run two horses and not feel like I need a weeks sleep to recover!

So these are more goals than resolutions! I feel like these goals are within reach! Always have your dreams! But keep your goals just outside of your reality! Have a Happy New Year folks!

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