Managing Christmas Break and Horses!

As a barrel racer, my thought is always about my horses. We tend to get bogged down during holidays! Normally I end up just feeding and not riding. But my body got MAD. It does that when I don’t ride! So my friend, Tori and I, made time for the horses!! They got their saddle time in! Lynx even gave a lesson on Friday! Actually he has been getting his sweat on! Same with Goose! After all, we have a race on January 11th!

We also welcomed in a Christmas pup from the shelter! Cole is learning how to be loved and part of a family! My mom and dad are in town too!

I will say that I too need to work out! My son got a trampoline for Christmas!!! I can honestly say I will be using this for exercise for myself!! I’m sore from using it twice today!

Merry Christmas y’all! Remember Jesus is the reason for the season! Count your blessings!! Enjoy your family! But don’t sit around!

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