Luck VS Faith.

So we often say “good luck” to our friends. I have an issue with this.

For me it is never about Luck. It is always about my blessings and my faith! Luck and Faith are two different things in my mind. I tend to say “have fun!!”. I am ever ready to pray with anyone before a run. Luck is overrated. In my opinion, I’m so blessed to even be at the barrel race! God has surely blessed me beyond belief! So if you see me, tell me to have fun! After all, if you are not having fun running barrels, you need to take a step back! Count your blessings. Change your attitude. Think about how God has given you so many blessings with our horses, rigs and tack! Let’s not forget our family! There is no way we could barrel race of God hadn’t stepped in!

My pre-race prep is a prayer, some love to my horses, and more prayer. I think Luck directly contradicts my belief. Luck is a fleeting thing. Faith is ever lasting. Without God, there is no way we could barrel race. My husband always says to have fun! He said if we depended on my winnings, we would be living under a bridge with my dogs and horses! He wants me to remember WHY I barrel race! I do it because I love it. If I win money, it’s just an added bonus!

This also flows into the “results”. I don’t want to know where I stand. I rather wait until the race ends. Why? Because I love to feel the run. I love to feel how blessed I am to even make a run. I have had a lot of surgery to repair things. My body has been crashing since 2001. So the fact that I even get to run is totally on God. I am blessed with two horses that I enjoy running. When I quit having fun, I will quit barrel racing. So far, that is not even in my brain!

Lynx and Goose are both product of my hand picked bloodlines. They are similar.

God plays a huge part in everything I do. So think about it before you wish luck. Tell your friends to have fun. Pulling a check is gravy! If they can focus on having fun and not on winning, their life will change. Their perspective will change!

I made the decision back when I was running Gabe. It was so much fun just to run him! He was a 3D/4D horse. He is retired now! But I decided it was just a blessing to run.

Have Faith my friends. Pray over your horse, your self and your friends!

2 thoughts on “Luck VS Faith.

  1. This is something that a lot of people forget. To me, as a barrel mom, it’s about beating yourself and no one else. There is no such thing as luck because it’s ALL God, good and bad!!!

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