Am I A Couch Jockey?

As I anticipate the WNFR each night to watch these world champions compete for the grand prize of the year, I can’t help but think about how they got there, how they will feel at the end and how their teammates will feel after 10 days of rodeo!

Yes, I am one to yell at the tv and analyze each ride. However, I don’t post about it. It’s not my place! I have never been there. I have never hit the rodeo road to achieve “that goal”. Some ask me why and it’s simple. I like being home. Do I think I could do it? Maybe? Not even sure! I’d have to have my husband and my son with me and the reality is, we can’t just hit the road and chase rodeos!

Back to the reason of this post! I’m going to focus on the barrel racing. I see these girls running this little pattern coming in blind to the first. I see 15 girls run on the same drag. You have to be gritty to handle that! Hats off to you girls! You are so blessed to get to chase your dreams! I notice that some run the same horse for all the rounds and I wonder how they keep them fresh. Some will sub in another every so many runs. I notice that their “sub” horse runs differently than their main horse and I’m in awe of how they all do it! You have to be a hand to be able to come in that alley. I know Lynx would not patiently wait for the gate!

The other things I notice are their gear. Their bits, pads, leg gear, and all the rest. I personally do not run in a tie down. I notice there are a lot more barrel horses running in tie downs this year. Why don’t I use one? Because my horses stretch out to run. They are slide turners. They like having their noses. I used to have one or two that needed the tie down to help them balance their turns! Not bashing, just noticing! I also noticed that there is only one lefty this year! I run left. I wonder if it’s because I’m left handed? Next I look at leg gear. I wonder what they would think of Lynx in his English boots running barrels? They are all running in Classic Equine, professionals choice, iconoclast etc. Lynx runs in open front jumping boots and brushing boots as he likes it light and needs a hard shell exterior to keep him from breaking his ankle! I bet these gals would think I look funny! I also ride in a helmet. No one is running in a helmet this year. I do it for me. Not for the spectators! I can’t afford another hard knock to the brain. After 12 concussions, it’s not worth the risk!

When I watch the WNFR, I don’t watch to criticize. Nope. I watch to cheer them on! They made it to the big time! Can you imagine? Can you imagine being the top 15 in the world in rodeo??? I know it’s a dream for many and I hope you chase your dream! Maybe when I get older, I will have that dream too! For now, I will chase cans in TX, LA, and OK. Heck, I might get the chance to try for The American! That is a dream! So ride your horses! Enjoy them! Chase your dreams and I pray they come true for you!

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