Two Day Race

My last post was about how to prepare and haul with a student. This is all about my systematic approach to going to a 2-3 day race with my horses!

First thing is first! Get entered! Don’t be afraid to ask for spacing between two horses so you have time to warm them both up. Most barrel racers haul more than one and the producers are mostly willing to accommodate!

Next…. check over your trailer. We had do some some repairs on mine this last week! I had to fix the trailer toilet due to a leaky part and my hot water heater had a hole in the bottom of it. These are IMPORTANT things!!! I start looking over my trailer after a race then at least the Monday before a race. You would be shocked at the fix it list that I have had before a two day race!

Now we pull all of our buckets. I keep mine in the trailer. My hauling buckets. If we are staying over night, each horse gets 3 buckets! One for grain and two for water! I like to keep another in the trailer for at the trailer watering! So 2 horses, six stall buckets and one for the trailer. Normally, I will pull them all out and wash them good!

Of course, in the background, we are riding and legging up the horses! Making sure they are in shape and ready to be the best athletes they can be! I also make sure their feet are good. Last minute Farrier stuff can be hard!

Next is your gear. If you use the same gear during the week as you use at the race then check it all over. Make sure your screws are tight, your leather is good, everything you need to run is in the trailer. I also wash my leg gear and set it out to dry. That can take a couple of hours depending on how dirty things get!

Then there is the last day things. I like to mix my feed and supplements in ziplock bags. I label them. This makes feeding on the road so much easier! If I have room, I will pre-full hay bags. If not, I will grab a bale and put it in the truck or trailer. I also make sure my generator is in good working condition and I have it full of gas. I like to take a little gas can too! I do a lot of pre-race things for my horses! So that also gets done!

The morning of, I make sure all of my stuff is loaded including my clothing, boots, helmet, extra towels, extra pair of jeans (I have busted so many pairs of jeans while riding! Yikes!) ice chest, water, feed/hay, gas, etc.

I like to use wraps on their legs for hauling. I love my Rambo Ionic wraps! Once all of that is done, it’s time to load and roll out!!!! I’m an early bird! So I always give myself at least an hour jump on the time I want to arrive! Let’s do this!

Just for those whom are new to hauling, I have a list of must haves for a trailer! Just comment and I will be happy to share!

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