Be Flexible

We all have our favorite horse. The one you want to ride all the time. But then you have your second string.,WHY do we have a second string if we are not going to put in the same effort as the first?

So this weekend I entered both of my horses. Perks on the Fly (shown in image) and Zbar Lynx to Cash. Lynx and I have been running since 2011. Goose and I have just started running. Well, Lynx has an abscess. I entered both in a race this weekend! Lynx may not be sound by Saturday. Honestly , I want my horse to be comfortable so it doesn’t bother me to think of leaving him home and just running my “second string”. I’m learning to be flexible! It’s time for Goose to step up to the plate! No more bench warming!

Moral of the story is to be flexible. We must be willing to take that second string and run them too. Otherwise, why are we feeding them? So this weekend I will play it by ear. If his lameness isn’t gone by Friday, I will just haul one. I’m fine with that! Thank God I finally have two to run!

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