Working on the Turn

All rights and all lefts. Do you have a horse that is super eager to turn the barrel? So much that they will drop their shoulder or even turn before you ask? This is the workout we use to get the horse back to listening to you. I call it “all rights and all lefts”. Basically we are starting at the third barrel and doing big circles around the barrel either to the left or right. We want the horse to be balanced and moving forward. I like to make them circle until they have forgotten that there is a barrel there. Just like we are loping a circle with out the object. Then you move on to the second barrel going the same direction as you did the third then to the first etc. After completing all lefts, we change to all rights.

After doing this workout, you will notice that your horse is more responsive to you and less zoned in on what he wants to do. It’s also great for lifting the shoulder! Give it a try!

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