You Just Have To Listen.

We all have a “gut feeling” about our decisions. Sometimes we ignore said feelings. I have learned to trust them. Why? Because it’s normally God reaching out to guide me. I just have to listen. And pray. And listen.

On Friday, I began to think about running at a race at an arena I had never competed in on Goose. I prayed and prayed about this. After all, my goal is to get with him and go! My gut feeling was to GO. I kept praying. There were a few things on my check list that needed to be met for me to enter this race. I had 12 hours to check these things off, so I prayed.

Friday night, I had a wonderful dream of Goose and I entering this race and everything went well. I woke up feeling peace. I felt like God was saying “just go”. My question was, “but how will I pay?” God answered me by one of my many random tack items selling that morning. He said “Hush. I have you. Trust in ME.” So I did. I loaded up my horse, pulled the cash out and headed to the race. Normally at this point I would be a nervous wreck. But I wasn’t. I was at peace.

This race was held at a Cowboy Church. Of course, before the race, a prayer was spoken. That prayer was almost exactly the prayer that I had been voicing to God. It was almost word for word. No one knew what I was praying about. After all, I only knew two of the people at this race. So I listened. Again, I felt peace.

Goose and I did a couple (2) exhibitions just to see the pattern and the arena. Then we were ready to run! For the first time ever, I entered Goose. I rode him like a finished horse, and it was awesome! Granted, it was not perfect. We have room for improvement. We have speed to gain but that will come with time. I personally have NEVER entered this horse in the competition. I raised him. This was a big deal for me! We won 2nd. We were the second fastest horse of the day. I was on cloud nine! We brought home $100. All smiles!

Moral of the story is simple. Sometimes we just have to slow down and listen. Trust what we hear. Have Faith in God’s Plans!

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