We all have goals. We don’t all write them down. We also have to be flexible with said goals. But I have some personal goals to meet before the new year. That’s right, BEFORE the new year!

First goal is to get comfortable on Goose. Like 100% comfortable at home and in the arena. This horse and I have had many set backs but it’s time to move forward! I actually got on him today, after two weeks off (he gashed his face) and rode him. Like really rode him! I decided to start riding him like I ride his older brother Lynx. So I did! We warmed up then we did four corners both directions. Basically I’m loping a square then I do a circle in each corner and drive them a little harder out of the circle each go. Big circles, not barrel turns. This teaches them to keep their shoulder up and be soft in the face. It also helps me with MY body position! Well, once Goose got good at it both directions, I started to push harder leaving the circle. He is a bit lazy. But for some reason, I can get him moving. I don’t know why except maybe he listens to me? So we began to really hustle after our circle was finished and basically breezing between the corners! I was super impressed with how easy he would adjust to the turn for the circle then hustle on out of it. At one point, he did break down to a walk. He was tired. But all it took was on leg and a “hip hip” to get him to move out. That is what I say to go faster. Next thing I know, I’m literally forward and pushing him to goooooooo! Like really go! He topped out at 18.4mph. Our personal fastest speed. However it didn’t feel fast! I was a bit of a bouncy jockey. Perhaps I need to work on my rhythm with him. So adding that to my goals!

Our goal is to hit four more arenas during the day to work. Workout, work the pattern, no exhibitioning, just he and I working. Then we will move on to exhibitioning! It’s a trust building thing! So far so good! And with our speed today, I think we are getting there!

Goose is not the only horse I have “goals” for this year! I also plan to keep Lynx in shape and run him at the BRAT races. Today Lynx and I topped out at 24mph. We had to take a break due to rain last week. But I’m super excited to see how well we can improve for my birthday race in January!

In order to successfully follow through with these goals, I have to get stronger. I need to move some fat out of my body! I need to work on my core. I need to work on my balance. So we shall do all of this!

What are your goals?

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