Are Unicorns Born or Made?

Some folks say that a horse is just born that way…. be it crazy, sane, broke, broken… you get the idea! I have a theory!

I think we all have our own idea of what the perfect horse actually is in our mind. For me, it’s a gelding that carries himself with confidence but is soft in my hands. Personality is a must. However, being needy can be a negative thing. I want one that wants to work when it’s time to work. When they are around kids, they are aware of the kids and know how to be kind and forgiving with these kids. But when I get on this horse, they come back easily to my hands and work like the power house they really are and need to be for competition.

This is one of those fine line things for me. Yes, I do believe that genetics play a part in how a horse acts, reacts, and works. But the time spent in the saddle also makes this horse what he is. Sure, Lynx will tote kids around for lessons and endure the tantrums, over steering, and general lack of ability to communicate to him what they want until they figure it out with my help. On the flip side, he needs ME. He needs my butt in that saddle reassuring him that he is, in fact, an athlete! Finding the balance is hard. But so worth it!

Back to the unicorn theory. Yes, you can find a unicorn for your kid. One that tolerates all I mentioned above. But you must be able to maintain his/her status. You must take the reins so to speak. You must reassure this unicorn that they are worthy. You must train on them at least once a week if you want them to be the unicorn for your kid who is learning to ride. They are not just born broke. They can be born with a kind soul. It’s up to the rider to keep them feeling good. So don’t let your kids burn up that unicorn and send it down the road. Take the time to either ride said unicorn yourself once a week with a steady, quiet hand or find someone whom is willing to tune once a week for you. If this horse is an athlete, then he/she must be in shape. Your kiddo trotting around for 15-20 minutes is not going to achieve this. So you need to get into a workout program with this horse. Once the beginner rider has advanced, then they can help to keep the horse in shape but you still need to have an experienced hand ride. Just my thoughts after putting a good ride on my boy tonight!

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