Then He Showed Me…

God has a plan. I get that. He has a plan for me and things happen or don’t happen in HIS time. I need to learn to trust the process. Stop trying to over ride what God whispers to me.

Friday night, I had a long conversation with God. I prayed for His will. His plan. His path. I prayed that he SHOWED me what His will is and to guide me. Let me tell you that it isn’t always what you expect. In fact, sometimes He just smacks you on the forehead with a giant DUH. But I’m learning to listen. I go to show my horse to be sold. I cried all the way there. Nothing went as I expected (I have done a lot of horse shopping/selling) and everything just felt off. Remembering that I asked God to show me His will the night before (He answered with a shooting star) I did my best to sit still and watch my child (equine) do his best to work with the rider. In my brain, all I could think was “no, don’t do that, do it this way etc” but sometimes it slipped out of my brain and out of my mouth…. after she had dismissed him as a possible purchase, I was determined ride him and let him know that I understood what and why went wrong with the previous rider. Sure enough, he rode great, despite the heat, and we even went through the pattern a couple of times.

After I rode I cooled my horse out, loaded up and headed home. At that point, I remembered what I prayed for the night before and got the slap on the head I needed. I am not done yet. I’m not done with my horse. I’m just getting started. It’s time for me to step it up and find my inner voice of confidence. It’s time for me to be ME. I just needed God to push me around a little so I could find my path gain.

I guess my message is…when you decide to throw in the towel, stop and think about why the towel is around your neck. Why did you begin? What was your goal? What lead you to this path? Is it destructive or is it just getting hard? Giving up? Giving in? Stop and ask God to show you what He has planned.

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