Down Time

That moment when one horse is missing a shoe…or two… the other is acting strange and you just don’t have anything to ride. It’s called DOWN TIME! In my down time, I tend to clean tack, pads, leg gear and what not. Sometimes I just read or binge watch something because it’s too flippin hot outside to play. But, in reality, we need to focus our “down time” to actual chores. Cleaning out the barn. Organizing the trailer. Making sure all of our ducks are in a row! But why don’t we do this?

For me, it’s a mental funk. Down time equals sad. I love to ride. I love to take care of my horses! I love to teach lessons! When it’s been raining cats and dogs for a month, these things don’t happen. Mentally, I can’t. I can’t get the drive to tackle the stuff that needs to be done. Why? Because I’m not going any where so why clean the trailer? We are not getting new hay, so why clean up the barn? It’s raining so I can’t clean tack….. yeah, you get me. I know you do!

Good news is….. the rain has settled into a nice melody of a few days then dry up. So as soon as the farrier arrives, I will get to ride again! So yeah, I cleaned saddle pads today! I am about to go brush some ponies and fly spray until my heart is content! The lack of horse sweat has brought me down and it is time to get back up! I think all horse people have these episodes. Anyone care to share how they get out of their funk during down time?

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