New Year?

Currently I have four horses. One is on loan. One is retired. Two are running. Sometime I wonder how I ended up so blessed with these horses. Then I remember that God is always there to guide us! I want to tell you how God has “handled” my life. Yes, Handled. I am one of those that likes to start my own on the pattern. I have owned a couple of finished horses and honestly, I never could figure them out or make them mine. So I decided that I would hand my life over to God. Gabe was a yearling when I bought him. I am, by no means, a horse trainer. But I do have the skills and I do have the collective knowledge of my mentors. Gabe was easy. Flat easy. Broke to ride at two. Barrels at four. He wasn’t the fastest horse in the pen but he was smooth and easy. He is a 2001 model and had an accident in 2011 that forced his retirement after many good years of competing. Gabe is an ass. But I love him! He will forever be in my pasture.

Zbar Lynx To Cash was born on our ranch. Out of a mare that was also born on our ranch. Perks on the Fly is his maternal brother. Both of these horses were straight up a blessing. Some how, some way, I managed to find the funds to send them off for training with Dee and Robert Carlton. Y’all, I am blessed! They both have the same pattern and move so similar! Lynx is a rockstar. I never dreamed of owning or riding a 1D horse. They are rare. And to have one born on your place just makes it so much sweeter! We have had our ups and downs but he is an athlete and he puts up with me! So for Christmas, he got his own custom saddle! With all the money he has won, buckles, saddles and all the lessons he had given, he earned it! It’s insane to have two horses that could literally go from the arena running barrels down to a lesson horse for kids! Gabe was the same way! Good minded horses are so few and far between! But I will say that having some cow bloodlines crossed with run really puts a good mind on a horse! Lynx was broke as a late 2 year old then…. I got pregnant! So he sat and grew! As soon as I was released, I was back in the saddle! Shortly after, Gabe crippled himself so Lynx had to step up. He was four! It has been so much fun to see him excel! All I can say is, watch out y’all! He flies in the arena! The faster we come in, the harder he turns! He is so much fun to run! I have NEVER had a horse that I would push from the back 40! But I trust him to find that first barrel and turn it! It’s simply amazing! His younger brother is shaping out to be like him! Goose got a later start due to God saying “stop”…I don’t even know how to explain it! But God would say STOP. Leave him be. Let him grow. He is 2011 model and just now learning to run! I’m so excited to see him grow up! He is going to give Lynx a run for his money! How did I get so blessed? Honestly, I ask myself this question daily! I am so humbled by my blessings! For God to give me so much horse power in my single life, I must be doing something right! I tell my self that I don’t deserve it. But God keeps saying I do. Before every run I post about my many blessings and how awesome God is by allowing me to continue to jockey these awesome horses! After my run, I thank HIM. I don’t care how I place. A lot of folks stalk the results and such. No. I’m more of the type that thanks God for my run and I am happy that we made it in and out unscathed!

Yes, I am weird! I don’t run for the money. I don’t run for the fame. I run because I enjoy it. My horse enjoys it. My mindset is to do better than my run before this one. My husband, Jeff, always says that if we depended on my winnings we would be living under a bridge with the horse!!! So I go to the race with the intention of enjoying my runs. I don’t stress about winning. That is not up to me! God has blessed me! When you see me at a race, please refrain from saying Good Luck. It’s not luck. It’s a blessing. Refrain from telling me where I’m placing. I don’t want to know. I want to relish in the idea that we got to run and we did good! Not focus on how we placed! Winning is a bonus to the fact that I didn’t crash when my horse ran in from the back 40. I didn’t fall off when he sling shot around all three barrels and I didn’t fall off leaving the arena!

My point is this. For 2019, I challenge you to thank God for your blessings. I challenge you to be happy about your runs. I challenge you to only compete against yourself! I challenge you to not look at the results until the race is OVER. I challenge you to pray before your run. I challenge you to tell the new gal/guy how awesome they did at the race. I challenge you to compliment someone’s horse, tack, run…. give it a try! Be a light!

2 thoughts on “New Year?

  1. That’s why it was such an honor to sponsor you! You loved what you do, win or lose. It was fun just watching you and the relationship you had with your horses, even Gabe !!

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